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10:48 AM       January 23, 2018   

All forms in this library are provided without any warranty, express or implied, as to their legal effect or completeness.  Colonial Title Company urges those using these forms to always seek competent legal advice before signing any document.

Please select from the options below:

01. Claim of Lien
02. Homestead Buyer
03. Homestead Seller
04. Land Contract
05. Lead Based Paint Disclosure
06. Lead Information Booklet
07. Lease Information
08. Mortgage Payoff Authorization
09. Notice of Commencement
10. Notice of Furnishing
11. Order Sheet for a purchase
12. Order Sheet for a refinance
13. Power of attorney for purchase
14. Power of attorney for refinance
15. Power of attorney for sale
16. Property transfer affidavit
17. Purchase Agreement
18. Quit Claim Deed with consideration
19. Quit Claim Deed without consideration
20. Sellers Disclosure
21. Sworn Statement
22. Waiver of Lien
23. Warranty Deed with Consideration
24. Warranty Deed without Consideration

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